Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This is a never ending story ..  Everytime I have done something different with my hair I'm happy at first but that changes really quick and I'm just never satisfied. I think that is the nature of most girls/women  .. But that is a really expensive habbit , at least for me because I also change colours often . My natural colour is a really dark blond / light brown ( at least I think so , haven't seen my natural colour quite a while :P ) . I started early with getting blond highlights and kept getting them for about 1-2 years . Then I wanted something different and dyed them  brown with a hint of red , that looked kind of strange especially when it was washed out it didn't look nice at all , then I got them blond again , then I went even blonder and then  I got it medium blond again and then decidet to try out a light cool brown  but I  thought it was too light and dyed it darker .then it looked almost black . At the moment I have them in a medium brown . But of course I'm not totally happy with it anymore . But there are a few problems . 1. always getting highlights is too expensive 2. my hair would completely dry out and break 3. I don't want highlights I want an even haircolour but lighter than now . Yes , it's complicated ,you see .. ;) So lately I'm really into this beautiful reddish blond . I just lovee red hair at the moment I don't know what is about it exactly but it totally inspires me .But I'm sure it wouldn't look good on me .
So I just decided to wait a bit longer till my colouration has completely washed out and I'll see if I just want to keep my natural haircolour .oh aand I want it really long without all these layers again ;)
Anyway , Here some pictures of my red hair obsession :D
Love, L.

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