Monday, July 26, 2010

home . sweet home ? actually not :/

I arrived back home yesterday evening and since we crossed the border to germany it started to rain so hard -it was crazy . And the weather didn't change ,it is still pretty cold for summer and wet and dark . So of course I miss everything even more - the sea,the beach the sun , the country ,language, atmosphere... actually everything . The week with my mom in france was really nice and relaxing . We stayed on an island in a bungalow which was really cute with a beautiful garden ( and the best was that I had two rooms : one only for clothes and make up/beauty stuff and one only for sleeping ) .We did a mixture of lazyness and healthyness/ sport . So when we woke up we made really healthy but tasty breakfast with a lot of fresh fruit ,tea and fresh juice . We ate outside in the morning sun or on the couch while watching desperate housewifes (we got really obsessed with that show and bought a season :P ). Then we did our workout (everyday! really proud ,but we couldn't even move after the first times because everything hurt :/ ) then we went to the beach ,went swimming,reading just tanning or anything you do at the beach :) and sometimes we drove or rid with the bikes to some nice little towns to go shopping in cute little stores or on beautiful markets .In the evening we often went out for dinner or drove to some nice havens to get a drink and watch the beautiful lights in the dark and the moon shining on the sea..
I really wanted to take so many pictures this time. So,of course I also took my camera with me when we went to the beach the first evening and I really needed a lot of time to find a good set up ,lightning etc. because it was already getting dark and so on . the result was that obviously the batteries gave up really early and when I got home again I had to notice that I was so clever and forgot to bring my charger ! great .typical for me but it really made me sad that I can't show anyone what I've seen and also for myself to keep my memories ..
So that's why I only have some pictures of my mom and me(which all look the same ^^) on the first evening when I was looking ugly after the long car drive , I'm sorry

Friday, July 16, 2010


So today I 'm going to france with my mum for a week. I'm really excited to go to the beach and do a little shopping and all that stuff . I'll come back with pictures :)
Love , L.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

at the lake

this are not pictures from the post "camping" these are some weeks older .. this was a nice summer night with two of my friends and their dogs.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Yesterday I met some friends, we were about 9 people and it was really fun .
Because today is no school we decided yesterday to go camping at a private lake where my friend is a member . So we brought all of our stuff ,a lot of food and of course the tents - we pretty much looked like we were homeless or kicked out of our parents house or something :D we really had a lot of fun and the lake and this whole big area around it is just soo pretty ,unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures cause it started to rain and i didn't want my camera to get wet :/ but although it was raining I went swimming two times and it was just so nice,especially in the rain and the water was so warm.. the only bad thing was , that i drank just a little bit too much so I felt pretty bad at the end :/ but besides that I had a great time .
hope you enjoyed your day too :) Love , L.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Remember now

Not the best actors but that's not what it's about - I like it .


pictures again

Nice day

Yesterday  was saturday and I spendt it with my big sister and my dad. We decided to drive to a nice lake  cause the temperature .. uhh.. it was just soo hot . So , we just threw stuff like food ,drinks towels and loads of other stuff in the car and went to the lake . Even to drive there was fun , it really reminded me of last summer vocation with my sister and dad in america , nice memories.. Well when we arrived we first had to walk through the woods and I was already so exhausted when we got to the lake (cause I don't have any condition :D ) . Usually I don't really like to swim and all that waterstuff but this time I went swimming (probably the first time since almost two years ) and actually really enjoyed it . So we just hang out and were lazy . Then the sky got really dark and there should be a thunderstorm so we had to leave the lake and decided to drive to the city to do a little shopping :) The city was soo empty because at that moment germany was playing soccer at the world cup but we aren't that interested in the soccer-stuff so we didn't care and enjoyed  that there weren't any lines at the pay desk or changing room . There are so many sales at the moment it's just great ,so I bought some things . Then we just had a little .. late lunch or early dinner ( I had some sushi ,my favorite food in the whole wide world<3) . Then we got back home and I enjoyed just chilling on the couch watching a movie . Nice day :)
hope you had a wonderful day too . Love , L .