Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Yesterday I met some friends, we were about 9 people and it was really fun .
Because today is no school we decided yesterday to go camping at a private lake where my friend is a member . So we brought all of our stuff ,a lot of food and of course the tents - we pretty much looked like we were homeless or kicked out of our parents house or something :D we really had a lot of fun and the lake and this whole big area around it is just soo pretty ,unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures cause it started to rain and i didn't want my camera to get wet :/ but although it was raining I went swimming two times and it was just so nice,especially in the rain and the water was so warm.. the only bad thing was , that i drank just a little bit too much so I felt pretty bad at the end :/ but besides that I had a great time .
hope you enjoyed your day too :) Love , L.

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