Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nice day

Yesterday  was saturday and I spendt it with my big sister and my dad. We decided to drive to a nice lake  cause the temperature .. uhh.. it was just soo hot . So , we just threw stuff like food ,drinks towels and loads of other stuff in the car and went to the lake . Even to drive there was fun , it really reminded me of last summer vocation with my sister and dad in america , nice memories.. Well when we arrived we first had to walk through the woods and I was already so exhausted when we got to the lake (cause I don't have any condition :D ) . Usually I don't really like to swim and all that waterstuff but this time I went swimming (probably the first time since almost two years ) and actually really enjoyed it . So we just hang out and were lazy . Then the sky got really dark and there should be a thunderstorm so we had to leave the lake and decided to drive to the city to do a little shopping :) The city was soo empty because at that moment germany was playing soccer at the world cup but we aren't that interested in the soccer-stuff so we didn't care and enjoyed  that there weren't any lines at the pay desk or changing room . There are so many sales at the moment it's just great ,so I bought some things . Then we just had a little .. late lunch or early dinner ( I had some sushi ,my favorite food in the whole wide world<3) . Then we got back home and I enjoyed just chilling on the couch watching a movie . Nice day :)
hope you had a wonderful day too . Love , L .

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