Monday, August 6, 2012

In love with the city of love / Impressions

So. My sister lived in Paris for one year but she moved back to Germany 3 weeks ago. I visited her a lot within the last year , I experienced so many unique ,crazy things  , met so many interesting lovely people and had pretty much the best times of my life in this city. It's more about it than just the beautiful buildings. It's the atmosphere, it's like .. there is something in the air that makes you feel the life more intense, it makes you dream and believe that your dreams will come true one time, you just live the moments and know that everything will be good. You see everything clearer but at the same time everything fades away and seems surreal . I love the contrast of all this classical beauty and at the same time the modern artistic movements . On each corner you see something interesting and inspiring. So many people of different cultures , different origines living all togethter. Sometimes i just sat in the metro and looked at the people and tried to think of each individual story .. Being in this city just makes me feel so fucking alive ! 
I can just give you the advice - go there , be open and let the city take over you ..  
Love, L. 

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