Friday, August 31, 2012


Yesterday was the day I finally did it . I wanted it for about 3 years but couldn't because I wasn't 18 and my parents were not really enthusiastic to give me the permition ;) Since I made the appointment 2 weeks ago I was seriously talking about the tattoo all the time and getting on everyones nerves ( thank you my lovely friends who were with me, had to endure me and who still wanna be friends with me haha ) . On my big day I took my best girlfriend and my best guyfriend with me (we drove with a cabrio which was cool and relaxed me a little bit ). The pain wasn't what I was scared about it was the fear that I wouldn't like it and regret it , just the awareness that it is a decision for my whole life and the fact that I got it on my wrist -a body part which is not really hidden didn't make it easier . When she came with the needle I was a bit scared for a moment if it would hurt I was so stressed and prepared myself for a lot of pain and then she started and ....  I laughed :D I thought "what?! this is all ?! "  and then I was really relaxed and talked with her and my friends and then it was already done. I was so happy :) 
Hope I will never regret it , but I feel like it will become a part of me very quickly and i already love this little dicky :) 
Lots of love 

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