Saturday, September 1, 2012

YES it's true

-Tattoos do make you addicted !^^ I got my first proffessional one only 2 days ago and now I already want more :/  First of all - the "live" is not real , I just wrote it with a pen . I saw a video of Elle ( AllThatGlitters21) on youtube this morning in which she shows her new Tattoo - "live" on her wrist. And I thought it looks soo nice and the message is so perfect ,it's clear , short and important to be reminded to live in the moment and not think too much and talk too much instead of doing it. So I tried out how it would look in combination with my lovely swallow and I gotta say I love it ! 
So I guess that's what I'm gonna start saving money for  ;)  I am a little bit annoyed that I didn't do it in one , I mean if she posted the video 2 days before I could have done it and saved a lot of money ..  but whatever  :D  First of all i have to get used to this one . But I feel that I kinda grow into it with every moment so happy how it turned out :) 

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